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Everything wrong with online movie rentals in one blog

The movie studio boardroom. December 23, 2014.

"Guys, pulling The Interview has caused global outrage. Even Obama is talking about it. We're on every major news outlet across the planet."

"What does that mean?"

"It means publicity. Loads of it. Everyone's googling 'The Interview'. It's one of the top rising searches. It's exploding on Kickass Torrents, although the movie isn't actually on there yet."

"We should release it quickly, capitalise on all the global attention."

"You're right. Also, let's region-lock all the legal streams like Netflix and iTunes to just the US."

"What does that mean?"

"It means only people in the United States can give us money to watch the film they've heard so much about."

"Does that mean everyone else will stop wanting to see it?"

"No, it just means instead of being able to give us money to watch the film that's causing Obama to make statements and every global outlet in the world put us on their front pages, we won't let them."

"Ah yes. And maybe with the money we make from the US-only streams we can sue the bittorrent websites for making the film available illegally in all the countries we're not making it available legally."

"God you're a genius. I'm glad we hired you."