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iPad Pro 9.7-inch Review: An In-Depth Tech's Message Special

THIS WEEK ON TECH'S MESSAGE Nate and Ian are joined by's Andrew Hoyle to discuss and assess Apple's 9.7-inch iPad Pro. Assessments include:

- Apple's performance claims may even be an understatement
- The iPad Pro 9.7 inch A9X CPU runs at 2.23GHz vs the 12-inch's 2.24GHz
- The smaller Pro has half the RAM (1.92GB) of the bigger Pro (3.89GB)
- Graphical power of the iPad Pro 9.7-inch is more than double the iPad Air 2
- The rear camera performance is near-identical to the iPhone 6s rear camera
- The True Tone display is, ironically, a turn-off for some professional use cases
- The "camera lump" on the back of the smaller Pro doesn't cause the tablet to wobble when flat
- The quad-speaker setup makes a really big difference
- The iPad Pro line is still better than the Android competition but in a different class to Microsoft's Surface and Surface line

In the show we refer to an image sample taken on the iPhone 6s and iPad Pro 9.7-inch. That image, which is a 100% centre crop, is below:

iPhone 6s rear camera

iPhone 6s rear camera

iPad Pro 9.7-inch rear camera

iPad Pro 9.7-inch rear camera

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