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Tech's Message 4: UK's mobile phone future in question

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The UK enjoyed some compelling news this week, in that BT has offered to buy mobile network EE for close to £13 billion. With Three's parent company Hutchinson Whampoa putting in a bid of over £10 billion quid to buy O2, it got me thinking about how the consolidation of British telecoms and media providers might affect our choice as consumers and businesses in the coming years.

I'm joined by Allison Sheridan (@podfeet) of NosillaCast to talk about how such mergers have affected the North American market. She talks with me about what the positive and negative affects of this can -- and may -- be for the UK.

We also diverge into discussing the unique benefits of the BBC iPlayer compared to what's available in the United States, as well as how the net neutrality debate is playing out in the UK.