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TM 14: Google 'Mobilegeddon', new MacBook tested, Skyrim mod business

This podcast is an episode of Tech's Message, a weekly audio download from London-based technology journalists Nate Lanxon and Ian Morris. Hear a discussion based on the week's most interesting UK technology news, and other irreverent takes on tech issues deemed important for British ears to hear.

This week Nate is joined by Andrew Hoyle of, SEO strategy lead Kate Dreyer from Positive, and Jonathan "Aggelos" of gaming site Dungeon Crawler Network. They talk about BT's worrying dislike of device tethering on its new 4G mobile network and the Carphone Warehouse's plan to launch its own 4G network on the back of Three; Nate discusses his first impressions of Apple's new MacBook and discusses the implications of Google's new mobile-optimised search results strategy as well as how Valve's decision to allow video game add-ons to be charged for might affect the future of the games industry.

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