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I love how the show is edited. I just want to give you money.
— Tech's Message listener - December 2016

Hello, esteemed Webby Awards judges. My name is Nate Lanxon and I'm a professional journalist with a career that has taken me from CNET, to WIRED, to ARS TECHNICA, to BLOOMBERG. 

Two years ago I thought the UK needed a podcast that spoke to them. The global nature of the technology industry and its reach across the consumer market has meant podcasters do, by and large, focus on only the biggest global stories on their shows. And the limitless scope of a podcast's length often means discussions around these stories are lengthy and inaccessible to all but the most dedicated of geeks. 

I decided to go it alone and try something different: to produce a show rigidly aimed at the UK listener, and to produce it with the utmost attention to sound quality, production, pacing and length; and to make the show accessible widely, by blending professional analysis of the week's most relevant news with an entertaining voice and a pure love for technology.

Love the show, love the format, love the opinions, love the humour, love the UK focus. I wish more were like this!
— Tech's Message listener - December 2016

I have spent anywhere between ten and twenty hours a week outside of my full-time job as a journalist at Bloomberg to produce Tech's Message as a 100% non-commercial and personal project. I built a home studio exclusively to make a programme that sounded fantastic (photograph opposite).

I try and stick to five simple rules:

  1. Focus on the UK tech scene and the UK listener
  2. Maintain fantastic sound quality
  3. Pace for radio - be fast, essential, on-topic
  4. Entertain while you inform
  5. Go deep, but stay fun

This effort has been time consuming, expensive, but worth it a hundred times over. The show has grown to enjoy an audience of thousands, many of whom tell me Tech's Message is the only show they'll never "mark as played" when they have a backlog; it has hundreds of five-star ratings globally in iTunes stores that make it one of the most highly-rated technology shows in the world.

A byproduct of my focus on the UK is that it also appeals to American listeners in particular. Audiences there tell me -- consistently -- that listening to Tech's Message helps give them context for what's happening in their home country. 

One of the few podcasts I listen to as soon as it’s out. I rarely have to binge on a Tech’s Message backlog.
— Tech's Message listener - December 2016
The show is multi-track recorded to allow maximum editing options and control

The show is multi-track recorded to allow maximum editing options and control

As such, I really believe my show is delivering something unique -- made for the UK, but appealing to the world. The reviews and listener feedback helps show this, but I'm now turning away advertisers too. It looks like 2017 is going to be an incredible year for the show.

I would love the Webby's badge of honour to help show the world you can still appeal to the world even when you focus on your own country.

Thank you for your consideration! 



Below are two example episodes. The first, just a recent "standard" episode -- nothing more, nothing less. This will give you a good feel for the show. (MP3 link here in case embed below doesn't load.)

Below is a second recent episode, which shows how we approach "global" stories as special episodes by being a little playful but also pulling on a network of experts to help us explain the local impact of an international story. (MP3 link here in case embed below doesn't load.)